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Mystery History

Hi, my name is Zoe Lee; I help people satisfy their taste buds. I am bringing them unique and tasteful desserts from different places. In my downtime, I love playing sports and playing instruments. My favorite job, and the best decision I’ve made so far, is joining the Army National Guard. I love it and can still do what I love: owning a bakery. My family has eight people: three brothers, two sisters, myself, and of course, my parents. I love them all, even when we sometimes get on each other's nerves. Having four cats and a dog is not ideal, but we have them. I would love to own five businesses someday if opportunities come along or if I decide to make my own. Some main ones are restaurants and equestrian industries. I would love to be involved with nonprofit organizations. 

I am originally from Africa; I was adopted about ten years ago in America. I’ve loved cooking and baking since I was in Africa and America. There was this show called The Junior Money Maker; I listened to it a lot and was inspired by him. I wanted to open a food business when I was 14, but it was too complicated for my age. So I decided to email him and ask for his opinion; he responded and gave me the idea of having a bakery. The thing is, I didn’t know how to bake, so I spent two years learning how to bake and still learning. I also went to school to learn how to cook and have a ServSafe certificate. 

Sweetery Z provides a wide range of products to offer to our customers. I like to celebrate my culture and learn about other cultures, which is why at Sweetery Z, we provide sweets from different regions. The main ones being African, Italian, French, and American. Of course, we also offer custom orders; we want you to buy what you desire. So, if we don’t have what you need or want, contact us to work out something with you. Sweetery Z loves to be unique and strives to help our people. We would love to do business with you; let us know how we can help! 

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